mercredi 6 octobre 2010

Download Syberia for PC

Syberia is the kind of adventure game to play during cold Sunday winter afternoons, with a cup of coffee.

Created by Benoît Sokal, Syberia is an amazing game, taking part in a very strange universe. The game is about the unforgettable journey of Kate Walker, an ambitious New-York lawyer. Gameplay is a mix of classic point'n'click screens (mix of pre rendered 3D and real time 3D models) and some puzzles.

Don't be fooled by the game "look", it is not a casual game, and definitely a challenging one..

Download Syberia for PC

Download Lords of the Realm: Royal Edition for PC

Lords or the Realm: Royal Edition is a compilation of Lords of the Realm original game, Lords of the Realm 2 and its expansion pack : the Siege pack.
It is a re-release on PC digital using DOSBox emulation software (for first Lords of the Realm game) and a Lords of the Realm II version which is compatible with XP, Vista and Seven.

The game itself ? Well, to make it simple, it's the ultimate medieval management, strategy, and simulation game.
The background of the game is in England, 13th century. You are a noble and have to build your castle, conquer neighbours, manage crops, and to become the King. Straight hey ?

Download Lords of the Realm Royal Edition

Download Empire Earth Gold Edition for PC

Empire Earth Gold Edition is a PC pack containing the original Empire Earth game, the Art of Conquest expansion and the Prima Strategy Guide.

Empire Earth is a real-time strategy game which spawned two sequels. When originally released, it received great feedback, and it has been very successful on a commercial side.

The game offers classic strategy gameplay with a few twists, especially since you evolve in the history of the Earth while building your civilisation. A classic that everyone should play at least once.

Download Empire Earth Gold Edition

Download Still Life for PC

Still Life is a what makes me believe video games are just about the experience.
Experience a stressful atmosphere, with subtle violence, great storyline. If you like hardcore thriller novels, you will definitely enjoy Still Life. The gameplay itself is close to Syberia (well, to any adventure game in fact) but this is definitely an adult game.

Download Still Life for PC

Download Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon for PC

Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon - also known as Broken Sword 3 - is the first episode of the Broken Sword series in 3D. It features a very impressive graphics engine developed by Revolution Software.

I think the engine today's is still very effective and impressive (it can scale to full 1080p !!!!), and does hinder the gameplay somehow. Early fans of the series might not feel at home at a first glance, but after a few hours of gameplay it's just becoming natural again. Highly recommended, and fairly priced, as usual.

Download Broken Sword The Sleeping Dragon

Download Aliens Versus Predator Classic 2000 for PC

Aliens vs Predator Classic 2000 is an updated version of the original Aliens vs Predator game, compatible with XP, Vista, Seven. It's a good FPS and a very scary one.

It is sold DRM-free at the ridiculous price of 2.99 €, so get sure to grab your copy now !

Download Aliens vs Predator Classic 2000

Download Freedom Force vs the Third Reich for PC !

Freedom Force vs the Third Reich is now available DRM-free on DotEmu in English, Spanish, and French !

That's really an awesome game featuring comics super heroes fighting communism, nazis, aliens, in a tactical RPG gameplay style.

Highly recommended !

Download Freedom Force vs the Third Reich